BulkNuts4You Helps Save the Chimps

Save the ChimpsCaring for nearly 300 chimpanzees is a big job and there are some foods Save the Chimps never has enough of. Below are several pages of the many items needed by ourSave the Chimps friends. You can help by sending a care package of some of our most needed items to the chimps.

We want to help you help the chimps – for every 100 lbs. that is purchased; we will donate an additional 10 lbs. In addition, we would like to offer you a 10% promo code to use at checkout to save money – or to help buy more for the chimps! Just place the following coupon code in your cart at checkout: SaveChimps. You are welcome to use this code for personal purchases as a thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

Please use the following shipping address when you check out:

Save the Chimps
Save the Chimps
16891 Carole Noon Lane
Fort Pierce, FL 34945.

We, and I’m sure the chimps, appreciate your generous donations!!!