From Cedar Lake Foods to Loma Linda Foods, these leading brands of vegetarian foods are intended to serve as a meal-supplement and meat replacement option. Loaded with flavor and no meat – these vegetarian foods are lower in cholesterol and fat compared to their meat counterparts. You’ll find many tantalizing vegetarian foods and healthy lifestyle options in our meat substitutes section. Try one of these delicious canned vegetarian meat replacements that are sure to fit into your diet today.

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Big Franks 19 oz. [Loma Linda]

$8.99 [182031]

A top pick for any crowd; Big Franks are packed with sustainable plant-based protein with the full-flavored taste of traditional hot dogs. Whether you�re grilling or preparing a vegan/vegetarian recipe that calls for veggie dogs, Big Franks provide a lot of flavor and protein that even meat-eaters will enjoy. Shelf stable and easy to prepare.

Key Facts

Kosher / Vegan / Vegetarian
Made with soy protein, onion, and natural smoke flavor
58% less fat than beef hot dogs
Pre-Cooked and 100% vegan
Vegetable and grain protein links
Ideal for broiling, or the grill, dressed with your favorite dressing
Alternative to beef, turkey or pork hot dogs

Chili Vegetarian 15 oz. [Pack of 12] [Chili Man]

$39.80 [181200]

Last Known Ingredients[Always check package for updates]: Water, beans, textured soy protein (soy flour, caramel color), spices, tomato paste, modified food starch, salt, onion powder, yeast extract, sugar, corn flour, and garlic powder.

Frichik 19 oz. [Worthington Foods]

$8.99 [184201]

Last Known Ingredients [Always check package for updates]: Water, modified corn starch, hydrolyzed wheat gluten, corn gluten, and soy protein, salt, phosphoric acid.Allergen statement:Contains wheat, soy, milk, and egg ingredients.

Veja-Links 47 oz. [Worthington Foods]

$11.20 [181931]

Popular vegetarian version of a traditional hot dog. Enjoy a sustainable, plant-based protein alternative that�s as versatile as it is tasty! Heat and serve or add with baked beans and other recipes. Veja-Links offer protein and flavor to grill or warm in a pan without the unhealthy trans-fat or cholesterol typically found in meat-based hot dogs. Shelf stable and easy to prepare.

Key Facts

Kosher / Vegetarian
Meatless alternative to hot dogs
67% less fat than meat hot dogs
Excellent source of protein
Made with vegetable protein and egg whites
100% vegetarian and low in fat

Last Known Ingredients [Always check package for updates]: Water, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, natural smoke flavor, caramel color, red #3 for color. Allergen statement: Contains wheat, soy, milk, and egg ingredients.