Cashew Butter is made from raw or roasted cashews and is rich in protein and B vitamins that can aid in the boosting of your metabolism, muscle tone, immune and nervous systems. Organic cashew butter is recommended to be refrigerated after the first use to prevent it from going rancid.

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Cashew Butter, Smooth Roasted & Unsalted 16 oz. [East Wind]

$17.00 [21600]

Once Again Nut Butter uses only the finest cashews to create our super creamy Cashew Butter. Cashews are dry roasted and milled smooth with 5%-8% safflower oil added to enhance spread-ability. Oil separation occurs naturally. To prevent, stir and refrigerate or freeze. This is a gluten free product. Last Known Ingredients [Always check package for updates]:Dry roasted cashews, expeller-pressed safflower oil or organic high oleic sunflower oil.