Barley Berries are the whole barley grains with either the hull removed or intact. When the hull is removed, it is referred to as either hulled or hullless. Without the hull, it can be used as a substitute for starches like potatoes or rice.  That’s why it is often compared to farro, brown rice and pearled barley although it’s less refined.  When the barley berries still have the hull, it is called unhulled. In its most basic unprocessed form, it is primarily used for sprouting applications.

Hulled barley has a delicious, subtle and nutty flavor to it and cooks to a slightly chewy texture. It is higher in nutrients and contains more fiber than many similar grains. Barley Berries taste delicious in cold salads topped with vinaigrette or even as a breakfast cereal topped with brown sugar. This grain can be used as a side dish in place of couscous, rice and pasta and is a classic ingredient in beef barley soup.

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