Ground grains make a tasty breakfast and we offer many options; from cream of wheat to 10 grain hot cereal, what a tasty, warm way to start your day.

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Farina, Coarse Enriched #1 50 lbs. [Conagra]

$63.94 [576700_DV]

Farina is a product with a smooth and creamy texture and a versatile flavor. Add your own favorite toppings to a hot bowl of this Cream of Wheat. Add milk or water and simmer on the stove for 10 minutes for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Hot Cereal, Bulgur 50 lbs. [Bunge Milling]

$62.42 [159350_DV]

Bulgur Cereal is a quick cooking form of whole that has been cleaned, parboiled, dried and ground into particles. This versatile has a nut like flavor and an extended shelf life that allows it to be kept fresh for a longer period of time. Bulgur has been pre-cooked and ready to eat with minimal cooking or, after soaking in water or broth, can be mixed with other ingredients without further cooking. Great in tabouleh salads and soups, this grain cooks like rice in 20 minutes!