Different oils lend themselves to different cooking and baking uses. Some oil is best for frying while others are best for baking or salad dressings. Here’s a quick summary of what oil may work best for your baking or cooking needs:

1. Canola – Typically used for frying because of its high smoke point. Can also be used for roasting and baking. Not recommended for sauteing and salad dressings.
2. Coconut – Used in low to medium heat like Asian cooking & baking desserts.
3. Corn – Mainly used in cooking due to its high smoke point for frying.
4. Grapeseed – Not recommended for cooking or baking. Should be used in its raw form only.
5. Olive – Low temperature cooking or in its raw for for salad dressings, etc. Not recommended for high heat frying or roasting above 350 degrees.
6. Palm – Typically used for frying.
7. Peanut – Frying oil due to high smoke point. It also is good for sauteing & searing. Not recommended for foods that would take on a peanut flavor.
8. Safflower – Low in saturated fats and high in omega-9, it has a neutral flavor and high smoke point making it good for frying and sauteing. Not recommended for salad dressings.
9. Pan Sprays – for use in coating pans for non-stick baking, cooking & frying.