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Here you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question after reading this, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to answer you.

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BulkNuts4You Statement on California Proposition 65

As a matter of company policy, BulkNuts4You cannot sell or ship many of our products to California. Some of our customers may be interested in information regarding California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) and related warnings.  This notice is intended to serve as information for our customers and does not constitute legal advice.

The Prop 65 list currently contains over 900 naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals ranging from aloe vera, to wood chips, to chemicals like acrylamide that form naturally in the cooking process for certain foods (such as chips and pretzels).  As a result, chemicals on the Prop 65 list may be in certain products sold by BulkNuts4You.  If a customer intends to sell products into California by any means or, if through a customer’s actions, BulkNuts4You products are to be introduced to commerce in California, the customer selling or introducing the products into California (not BulkNuts4You) has the responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws in California.

Please note that amendments to Prop 65 regulations have changed the way entities in the supply chain interact for products that may reach consumers in California.  There is ongoing uncertainty whether warnings are required for certain chemicals and certain food products, particularly where Prop 65 warnings may conflict with federal labeling requirements and messaging about foods.

In light of this uncertainty and BulkNuts4You’s commitment to compliance and its customers, customers may use the following contact information for questions regarding Prop 65 and specific products:

Sallie, CEO

[email protected]


California Proposition 65 website:



How to Place an Order:

Web:  Select your product by using the category or alphabetical search. Then click “add to your shopping cart” in order to select the item you’d like to purchase. For bulk, wholesale purchases, send us an e-mail at: [email protected] – and we will provide you a discount code for use in checking out.

When ordering by phone or e-mail, please use the six-digit item number to the left of the product description and indicate the case quantity and weight. For example for 1- 7 lb. box of Apple Crunch Lunch, Item #AA1605. Customers are advised to check their order confirmations carefully as any errors not corrected during the confirmation process are not our responsibility.

Email: [email protected]



Ordering Wholesale

At times clients e-mail us regarding discounts for wholesale purchases. The discounted rate quotes provided are good for 2 days. The discount rates may change from time to time due to many factors including, but not limited to, economic ones such as price increases or reductions, etc.  If placing an order at the wholesale rate after one week of receiving your quote, you will want to confirm the availability of your rates.

Wholesale orders require a discount code to check out, so be sure to contact us first.

Discounted rates may be received for orders over $500. Companies ordering on a monthly basis may also qualify for discounted rates after their monthly orders have surpassed a combined total of $500.

Should you need a COA for products ordered, this must be requested at the time of the order.

Wholesale discount rates can not be given on sale items.

For more information about our rates please contact us. Our wholesale policy may be changed at any time. However, quoted rates will be honored for one week.


Cancellation Policy

Credit card orders are subject to a cancellation fee between 2% to 10% based on a restocking fee and/or the cost of the return as charged by the credit card company. Restocking fees cover the cost of orders that have already been assembled and/or fees charged to return the items to the warehouse.


Returns or Credits

Due to environmental and safety factors including heat and storage, we can not accept returnsDo not return items as these will not be refunded or credited.  Refused orders will be assessed a restocking fee of 50% and in most cases donated to charity as they are not resold. We do believe in customer service – any verifiable issue with the product, such as damaged items will either be replaced or refunded.  Please send images of damages when you notify us. This policy applies to all orders, especially bulk purchases as these tend to be special, custom orders.

Please DO let us know if there is a problem with your purchase.  If you have questions before purchasing, please email us at: [email protected]


Shipping Information

The speed of service will depend on whether we have the item in stock or if we need to receive it from the parent company. Most orders will ship within 7-10 business days – any changes in this estimated time should be communicated to you via e-mail. Communication is important to us, and we will strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible by e-mail and to stay on top of notifying you of any delays in assembling your order. Thank you for your business.

Orders are usually shipped on Thursday and Friday of each week. There is a minimum order size of $10.00. If you have many large items, you may need to place these as separate orders. The shipping size is set by UPS and the US Postal Service. If you have questions on shipping charges you may contact us prior to placing your order for a rough estimate. We will need your address to estimate the shipping costs.

Orders over 500 lbs can be shipped using a freight carrier – these rates are usually less than those calculated by UPS. Products from our catalog packaged in glass and some of the large 50# bags may not be shipped VIA UPS due to repackaging requirements.

Send us an e-mail if you have questions: [email protected].


How Long for Delivery

Most orders will ship within7-10 business days by either UPS, FedEx, Freight Carriers (such as R & L Trucking, etc.) or the United States Postal Service; delays in shipping will only occur when an item is out of stock from the warehouse. If this is the case, you will be notified by e-mail.


Payment Terms

Payment Terms: Visa, Mastercard, Cashiers Checks, or Money Orders are acceptable. Check and Money Orders will be delayed until the check has cleared the bank. Declined credit cards may be charged a $25.00 fee per authorization attempt – this is determined by the company used to process the cards. Any credit card challenges, charge-backs, not sufficient funds (NSF), or holds will be assessed a $35.00 fee per incident.

One payment, in advance of the order, is required per invoice.


Sales Tax

Tax: We do not collect sales tax in most states, however some items will require tax if you are a resident of Michigan. Contact us about your specific state if you have questions.


Other Questions

For all questions, comments, or suggestions regarding BulkNuts4You, please contact us at [email protected].

We attempt to keep information on this site up to date and accurate as best we can. Customers are advised to check their order confirmations carefully as any errors not corrected during the confirmation process are not our responsibility. Thank You!