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Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Save the Chimps

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is providing a permanent, safe haven for New World monkeys who were confiscated by authorities, used in research, kept as pets, or who are simply no longer wanted. Their priority is to provide care to address the medical and behavioral needs of these captive primates. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is unique in that they provide care for many monkeys with special needs who may be unacceptable for other facilities.

The monkey’s diets consists of fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, rice, seeds, nuts, cooked and dry cereal, and other such yummy nutritional foods. Special diets are prepared for the diabetic monkeys who require low-carb meals. For the geriatric and rescued “pet” monkeys, whose teeth have been extracted in an effort to prevent biting (a horrific practice), a softer diet is required. The soft diets include applesauce, soft fruits, oatmeal and cooked rice, etc. The Marmosets even like canned green beans more than bananas, go figure!

We want to invite you to partner with our Jungle Friends and help them feed their very deserving monkeys. Great News!!! For every 100 lbs. that is purchased; BulkNuts4You will donate an additional 10 lbs. In addition, we would like to offer you a 10% promo code to use at checkout to save money – or to help buy more for the monkeys! Just place the following coupon code in your cart at checkout: SaveMonkeys. You are welcome to use this code for personal purchases as a thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

Please use the following shipping address when you check out:

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
13915 N State Road 121
Gainesville FL 32653

From all the monkeys and humans at Jungle Friends – thank you for your support!